Why Test for Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue?

If you have been struggling with a chronic health condition that has not been receiving better – perhaps it may be your adrenal glands? Are you coping with protracted stress? Most of us know that stress is a massive element in our health, sadly, mainstream medication only recognizes it as a general term. You can get the best cortisol lab test at https://www.labwork365.com/product/cortisol-blood/.

The cause of this is twofold and that you will get to this in a minute, however the more stress you're under the more adrenaline and cortisol your adrenal glands will be requested to produce. It is known as the 'flight or fight' mode and its own body was made to deal with anxiety. It is not intended to take care of long-term, protracted stress.

Cortisol and adrenaline are just two principal hormones – you can not live without. They are essentially survival hormones. What is important to comprehend the 'battle of flight' style, and also the over-production of the stress hormones would be that your body is essentially in survival mode.

In nature, how can you expect to do these things as soon as your heart has been triggered to pump faster and harder, your arteries are constricting and your metabolism is burning muscle to get energy? The brief answer is it can not!

* It'll throw away your digestive tract. . .which contributes to heartburn, indigestion, reflux, and other irritable bowel issues.

* It will always excite your cardiovascular system….which causes elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.