What Kind of Pool Safety Cover Should You Buy?

If you have a swimming area, then you must have a cover for your pool. The purchase of a cover for your pool will help you save many hundreds in maintaining charges and also hours of cleaning. Of course, there are plenty of different kinds of covers for pools available. 

Security Pool Safety Covers for Solid Swimming

The solid safety cover for your pool is exactly what it sounds like. A cover for the pool that is constructed of durable material, usually extremely thick vinyl. This type of safety cover is great for families with extremely active children who spend lots of time in the pool even when the pool isn't active. You can find the pool cover roller via www.automaticpoolenclosure.com/covered-pool.html.

pool cover roller

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The sturdy cover is designed to stand up to the weight of one or two tiny children. The truth is that when children are playing they don't always pay attention to where they go. 

Mesh Safety Covers for Pools

The safety pool cover made of mesh isn't intended to stand up to the weight of a child's body and is certainly not designed to serve as a solid line of protection between the pool and water. This mesh cover is constructed of a large mesh. 

The holes of the mesh are not large enough to ensure that your child will not slip through them, but large enough to let water flow freely across the cover when requires.