What Are Steering Rack Bushings?

Steering rack bushings make wheel alignment a much easier task. Find out in this article what they are, how they make wheel alignment easier, and what to look out for when buying them.

Steering rack mounting bushings are small rubber pieces that help transmit the forces exerted on the steering wheel through the car's chassis. Over time, they can become worn out and start to fail, causing your car to make weird noises and feel unstable.

The best way to check if your steering rack bushings are in bad shape is to take them off and inspect them closely. If they're cracked or have major chunks missing, they're probably not going to hold up too long and should be replaced as soon as possible. 

Steering rack bushings can also be worn out over time, which can cause poor performance and a lack of control. If you're having problems with your car's front suspension, it may be time to replace the bushings.

If you’re ever having trouble with your car steering, it might be time to check out your steering rack bushings. 

These rubber components help to reduce the amount of movement that the steering wheel undergoes, and can eventually go bad if they become worn or damaged. If you think your rack bushings are starting to show signs of wear, it’s best to get them replaced as soon as possible in order to keep your vehicle driving smoothly and safely.

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