Use the Right Extinguisher and Keep Each Serviced Properly for Safety

Fire extinguishers save lives, that is something most know. They are placed where they are easy to grab in the case of an emergency, such as near exits so that fire can be suppressed long enough for anyone to get out the door to safety. There are many different classifications for fire extinguishers to include A, B and C and it is visible on the label what type they are. Each type is used for different kinds of fires, and fire extinguisher servicing is an important part of keeping them in working order. You can also buy the right car fire extinguisher at

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The easiest way to tell extinguishers apart is by their sizes, and the bigger the better as with most things. Although, if there is any concern about someone being able to handle a larger size than one may want to go smaller. The weight is directly related to the amount of chemical inside, so the bigger it is the heavier it is. In addition, some are rechargeable and the pressure gauge will tell when they need to be refilled and need fire extinguisher servicing. This type is less expensive.

When it comes to choosing the right size, there are three main sizes. They are 10, 5 and 2-pound. 10-pound is great for places that aren't regularly inhabited like a shed, workshop or garage. 5-pound is the perfect size for an RV, kitchen or laundry room where it can be grabbed and used fast. 2-pound is just right for a car and should be secured with mounting supplied to keep it safe.