Understanding The Concealed Carry Law In Florida

There are many questions about when and where in Florida you can carry a concealed weapon once you have a license to carry.

The first thing to know is that this is not a “CCW permit” as it is known in other states, but rather a Concealed carry license. Obtaining a carry license will require more training, and 16 hours of class will be required. You can learn more about concealed carry licenses in Florida via https://s2tconcealed.com/concealed-carry-class/.

There are some people in Florida who will not need the full 16 hours of training, as active military and veterans will be credited with 8 hours. Additionally, those who have documented the formation of recognized organizations / trainers will receive up to 8 credit hours.

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However, everyone will have to take at least 8 hours. This eight hour course covers the law and includes a shooting qualification to make sure you know how to handle a gun safely and hit what you are aiming for.

With a carry license in Florida, you will be able to carry a concealed weapon in many places, but there are also many prohibited places where carrying it can get you in trouble.

For example, you cannot carry a concealed weapon in buildings, property, or parking areas of the following locations anywhere in Florida. However, keep in mind that you may leave the gun in your car and you are not breaking the law as long as you do not exit your vehicle with the gun loaded.