Types of Regressions In Gold Coast

There are a few different types of regressions babies go through while they're sleeping. Some regressions are short-term, while others may last for several weeks or months. Here are some of the most common types of regressions and their benefits: 

1. Short-term regression is usually a temporary change in sleep habits that a baby goes through during his developmental phase. This baby sleep regressions in Gold Coast can include falling asleep more quickly, spending more time asleep, and staying asleep longer. During this time, your baby may be more relaxed and sleepy than usual. This type of regression is typically followed by a stage of increased sleep activity called "explosion sleep."

2. Long-term regression is when a baby's sleep habits change permanently. This change can be due to several factors, including changing circumstances at home or in the nursery, changes in the baby's development (such as learning to walk or talk), or illness. During long-term regression, babies may become less active during the night, have trouble falling asleep, and experience more episodes of awakenings. However, this type of regression can also lead to improved overall sleep quality and longer periods of uninterrupted sleep.

One way to help your baby get more sleep and improve his or her overall health is to regress their sleep. This means gradually moving your baby back to a sleeping schedule that's earlier in the night than what he or she is currently accustomed to. Regressing your baby's sleep can help him or her fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, and have better quality sleep.

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