How Craniosacral Therapy Helps with Trauma Recovery

Craniosacral Therapy is a treatment that can assist your body's natural ability to heal itself by listening to the vital forces that move, create, shape, maintain and restore health within it. The use of soft, loving hands with subtle perceptions and appreciation and an orientation to integrity and health is the basis of any therapeutic intervention.

The perception and recognition of life's regulatory forces supports their expression in and through the body, which has a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. You can visit to find out about the best Cranio-sacral therapy centers in santa Cruz.

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Often, the root cause of mental illness or addiction is the nervous system, which is reset in an unbalanced way due to its inability to integrate traumatic experiences. When we experience trauma or something our brains find life threatening, we have three choices: fight, run, or stay still.

To prepare for one of these options, our bodies are flooded with energy like adrenaline. Once the threat is gone, we need time to release that energy. In most cases, the trauma victim is unable to properly dispose of this stored energy, which over time begins to interfere with the regulation of the nervous system.

If our nervous systems are not properly regulated, we may be less able to deal with the ups and downs of normal life – often overreacting or under reacting in emotional situations. Energy can remain active long after the traumatic event has ended, due to the so-called hyper vigilance and / or high susceptibility to triggers – sounds, smells, people or similar situations, etc.