Advantages and Applications of Waffle Slab System

A waffle plate, or ribbed plate, is a type of plate that is clean on top and has a hole in the bottom that gives it the appearance of a waffle. The top of the rib plate is usually thin and the bottom grating line is usually the ribs perpendicular to each other to the same depth.

This is usually used when large clearances are required to avoid many space-consuming gaps. There is bilateral strengthening. Therefore, Waffle pod slab systems that cover wide beams are required. It is also known as a bidirectional carrier plate.

Application of waffle plate: 

1. Used when vibration problems occur.

2. It is also used where large format panels have to be built.

3. Used where low plate deflection and high stability are required.

4. It is used, for example, in airports, in hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings, etc.

Advantages of waffle plate:

1. Used for a wider range of tiles and floors.

2. The load carrying capacity is higher compared to other types of panels.

3. Save materials and reduce weight.

4. Quick and fast assembly.

5. Has good vibration damping ability.

6. Attractive appearance when exposed.

7. Vertical penetration between the ribs is easy.

8. Economical when using reusable formwork.

Since the tensile strength of concrete is mainly met by steel reinforcement, only the "ribs" are retained with the reinforcement, wherein the remaining "unused" concrete portion below the neutral axis is removed to reduce the weight of the slab. This is achieved by placing clay pots or other shapes on the formwork before the concrete.