Improve Your Performance at Work

One of the most effective ways to improve performance at work is to consistently "Raise the Bar". Most people in this world don't have any idea of what they are truly capable of. Every person was born into this world with the most powerful supercomputer inside their head which is their brain.

The problem is that none of them come with an owner's manual so most people don't know how to leverage this incredible computer in their head. The brain can help anybody achieve anything that they want in life without limits but they either don't know or don't believe it. If you want to improve your performance at work then you can click

If a person thought about the most sophisticated, most complex, and most powerful computer on the planet, it doesn't even come close to how powerful their brain is. This is why it is critical that leaders take the time to do three things that will raise the bar and improve performance at work. They are: to distribute stretch goals, hold people to a higher standard, and expect excellence.

A leader should want their people to grow on a consistent basis by encouraging them to get a little better every day. When a leader distributes stretch goals, they challenge their people to up their game. They interrupt their comfort pattern, provide motivation, and will unconsciously help their brain to find ways to achieve the goals assigned.