Sunglasses For Face Shape

Like humans, sunglasses also have many variations. Regardless of your face size or shape, you will choose the one that fits best. Do you know what shape or style to choose for your face? Or have you ever thought about your face shape when buying designer sunglasses online? You always want something that fits your personality. You can visit some online stores like to have a look at some trending sunglasses for your face shape type. 

Guess your face shape

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can group your face shapes into the following categories.

Choose a heart-shaped face frame

As you may know, heart-shaped people have wide foreheads and pointed chins. You should buy a frame that is wider at the top than at the bottom. Boys can have fun wearing sports eyewear and girls can choose from a variety of high-quality cat eye sunglasses along with Retro Square to create a stylish wardrobe.

Choose a round face frame

A round face is narrower at the jawline and forehead. The face looks wide at the cheekbones. This face type requires a large frame to make it more harmonious. Rectangular and square frames are suitable for both men and women

Choose an oval face frame

If you happen to have an oval face, you have several options. Round and thin lenses will suit your face well.

Choose a square frame for the face

A square face means that your forehead is the same width as your cheeks and jaw. To refine the look, you will need around frame, a fly, or a shield.