How to Grind Weed for Maximum Kief Yield

A lot of people have been asking us about how to grind weed to get the most kief possible. Since kief collection can involve a pretty long waiting game depending on how often you grind, it’s an understandable question. The best herb grinder for collection will obviously have a built-in kief catcher. If you aren’t using an herb grinder with a kief catcher, this trick won’t work for you.

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  • Clear the already accumulated kief from your kief catcher using a scraping tool – most 4-piece grinders come with them already in the kief catcher, but you can also purchase them at smoke shops. Also, remove all ground weed from the center chamber.
  • Put a coin inside your center chamber
  • Pop your whole marijuana grinder into your freezer
  • Wait at least half an hour
  • Give your herb grinder a good shake

How does this trick help you get more kief? The cold temperature will reduce the tenacious cling of the kief while the coin will help dislodge it from where it accumulated in your grinder. When you check your kief catcher again, you should have some accumulated bonus kief that you can scrape out.

While we’ve covered the primary factors to consider when purchasing your weed grinder, a bevy of other features should be contemplated when looking for the perfect herb grinder