Why The TGuard Thumb Sucking Device Works

TGuard is a safe, effective, and inexpensive choice for treating thumb sucking. 

The TGuard Kit is a thumb suction kit that contains everything you need to end thumb or finger-sucking habit forever. You can also purchase the best hand stopper thumb guard through various online sources.

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The purpose of this ventilation is so that if the child sucks his or her thumb while the device is on, the airflow will not generate suction. Sucking is the movement and sensation children look for when they suck on their thumbs and fingers.

When these feelings go away, the child loses interest in continuing to thumb sucking. A child is no longer engrossed in breastfeeding with his thumb or finger.

This thumb suction kit also includes a star for a great reward system. Children enjoy winning awards for good behavior. It keeps motivation strong and kids happy with their progress.

The TGuard Thumb Stop Kit contains an adjustable colored strap that wraps around the thumb suction device to keep the device in place and comfortable. Children love to be able to choose their color. The child can wear the device day and night during treatment.

The TGuard has ventilation holes all over the thumb suction tool and a super soft material to make the fuse breathable and comfortable. The child can play with the carers involved and carry out most normal activities.