All You need to know About Tequila bottle

If a buyer wants to know if the tequila bottle he's buying got its golden color with coloring or by being in touch with wood, all he has to do is read the label. It must be labeled as "rested, aged, or ultra aged". If you can't find any of these on the label, it means that an additive/coloring was added to this product (which is fine, they're approved by the Tequila Regulatory Council).

Not necessarily. A rested tequila was once a white tequila. The quality is the same, what changes is the notes it gets tanks to the time it spent in contact with the wood of the barrels.

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For many people, due to their palate, it gives them the feeling that the rested or vintage tequila is a softer product because it doesn't feel as "burning" in the throat as a white tequila does, but this is because of the traits and notes that the wood gave the tequila, not because it's of better or worse quality. In the rested or vintage tequilas, the alcohol that started being a white tequila is "disguised" by the notes of vanilla, of roasted seeds, that the wood gives to it.

All the flavors that the wood has added notes to the liquid disguising the alcohol. That's why it feels softer to the palate and perhaps we confuse this with being of better quality, but that's not true, they both can be of excellent quality.

Now, it depends on the palate of each person to choose which tequila to drink.

  • There are people with strong palates, who like strong flavors, spices, garlic … These kind of people usually like white tequilas.
  • There are people with sweeter palates, who prefer sweeter foods. These people usually like rested or aged tequilas.