Cigar Basics For Choosing Right Cigar In Florida

Do you have a father or husband who smokes cigars? Relax, we can tell you everything you need to know to choose the perfect "Super Premium" gift for dad that's hard to buy.

Types of cigars based on size

There are several ways to categorize cigars: size, shape, strength, country of origin and method of production. There are various renowned cigar shops in Florida from where you can find high quality cigars. To get more information about the best cigar shops in Florida visit

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The most common way to categorize cigars is by size, which is the length of the cigar in inches and the ring size, measured in 64 inch parts. In fact, there is a name associated with each ring length and size.

Color, shape, and hand-rolled

Once you have selected a cigar based on its size, you can narrow down the selection by choosing the outer color of the box  and the shape of the cigar. 

Flared, a conical pyramid is the main shape. And don't buy the cheapest cigars – hand-rolled cigars should be your only option. No one can appreciate the real pleasure of smoking a cigar on handmade cigars. 

Start with a light-smelling cigar

If your gift is for an avid cigar connoisseur, start by purchasing one of several different sizes / types of cigars from your local tobacco company. Choose a soft cigar first and focus on the stronger flavors.

Here are the benefits of starting with a lighter cigar: they usually cost less than a stronger cigar, and you won't lose as much money as your loved one learning how to cut the ends properly, the best ways to light them. You'd be surprised how quickly it dries if it's not accommodated properly.