How To Stop Thumb Sucking In Kids?

Thumb sucking is a common practice in children between 2 and 6 years of age and occurs in more than 80 percent of children. Thumb sucking is not a disease that just passes out but is a natural reflex used to surround the bay when tired, bored, and hungry.

Most of the time, children suck their toe fingers when they want to sleep. Parents should know that thumb sucking is not an unusual thing in children, but they can start interfering if this habit is spread by 3 years or more. Parents need to learn a lot to prevent thumb sucking in children. You can also pop over to this website to buy thumb sucking guard for your child to stop this habit.

Various methods and steps can be used to prevent children from sucking the thumb. How to stop the thumb sucking is a challenge for mothers as they use harsh words to refer to their children. Sometimes rude words have a negative effect when it comes to correct a certain behavior. When their parents become rude about them, the children feel upset and unworthy. Positive ways to prevent thumb-sucking should be accepted by parents as they can help a long time in stopping the habit.

The use of rewards is the primary step to stop thumb sucking. As we all know, encouragement is good in motivating workers and students for their learning; the same applies to children, when parents reward their children for good progress, the children feel and appreciate it because they understand that their parents are happy with them.

Another important step on how to prevent thumb sucking in children is to ensure that children are constantly involved in activities that require both hands. This is a good way to help the child forget that they have to suck their fingers.