Eco Friendly Alternative To Plastic Straw In Amsterdam

Recently, plastic straws have been in the serious public spotlight because they are thought to be associated with large amounts of plastic and other debris that float around like giant lumps of garbage in all of our great oceans.

Here we present eco-friendly straws that are as good or better than plastic straws.

eco friendly straws

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Bamboo straw

Bamboo is an almost perfect material for making ecological straws. Bamboo has many beneficial properties. Bamboo is a durable and water resistant material and straws are reusable. Bamboo also has excellent antibacterial properties and it doesn't stain food easily. Hence, a bamboo straw set is great to buy and keep at home whenever you need a straw.

Paper straw

Paper is fast becoming an alternative material to meet the demand for environmentally friendly disposable straws. Paper has several advantages over plastic because it is biodegradable.

If left unchecked, the paper straw will disintegrate within 6 months in salt water. If composted properly, paper straws will disintegrate in just two months. It might also be a little bit optimistic to believe that they will be composted on a large scale.

Glass straw

Glass is a great option for reusable environment friendly straws, but just like metal straws, to be advantageous compared to paper and plastic straws, you really have to use them because a lot of energy goes into making glass.

Eco-friendly straws made of bamboo, paper or glass are even more expensive, but they are very durable and can be reused hundreds or thousands of times if cleaned properly.