How To Take Care Of Mobile Battery?

Some people say that lithium can only be charged 300-500 times and then needs to be replaced. However, the lifespan of lithium is directly related to its full charge times. The charge cycle means that the battery must be fully charged and discharged then charged from empty to full. 

Charging for each full cycle reduces lower power consumption. The high-quality battery retains 80% of the original battery performance after charging. You can also look for a samsung lithium ion battery via

samsung lithium ion battery

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The temperature can't be too high. If you operate a Samsung lithium-ion battery at temperatures above 35°C, the battery will continue to drain power, which means the battery will not last as long as it normally does. 

If you charge the device at this temperature, the battery will be more damaged. Even if you put the battery in a hot environment, it inevitably leads to an appropriate quality of damage. 

Therefore, trying to maintain the correct operating temperature is the best way to extend lithium's life.

If people want to take full advantage of Samsung lithium-ion batteries, we need to use them normally so that lithium is always in an electronic state. If you don't use the lithium battery often, you'll need to complete the charge cycle in a month.