Same-Day Porcelain Crowns Using CEREC Technology in Fairfax

There was a time when simple crowns were taken multiple visits to the dentist, but thanks to developments in CEREC technology, they could be made more effective in a few hours in one visit.

CEREC technology offers a number of advantages. The first benefit of using CEREC technology is that you are guaranteed an incredible level of accuracy.

All images of the mouth are taken at very slow speeds and this data is entered into a computer to ensure that they fit your teeth. You can get more information about same-day dental crowns via

Unlike previously used materials, the ceramic materials used in modern reconstructive procedures are designed to dilate and shrink your teeth. This will reduce the chances of your teeth cracking from the stress of a very hard crown.

The materials used in this technology are of ideal hardness which ensures a long service life but does not cause your teeth to break.

The greatest benefit of using CEREC technology is that it replaces old technology for making fillings and crowns with toxic materials, including mercury.

Putting this metal in the mouth is always a risk. However, by using a harmless ceramic material that dissolves in the stomach, this threat if ingested is reduced. The cost of dental intervention with ceramic materials decreases and the use of CEREC increases exponentially.