Reasons To Get Same Day Implants At Orange Park

Missing teeth not only affect a person's appearance, but also his emotional state. When you have a missing tooth, it is very difficult to smile and communicate with other people because you are embarrassed and afraid that they will laugh at your missing tooth.

The only solution to this problem is to have implants in place, but traditional implants take a long time to complete. Fortunately, implants can now be placed on the same day, so there is no need to wait long with traditional implants. You can search online for more information about same day crowns at Orange Park.

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As technology advances, the waiting time for implants is reduced from 8 months to 2 months. There are even cases where you can get a new tooth root immediately after tooth extraction, as long as the bone condition is good.

The process of direct implants and traditional implants is more or less the same, but differs in the placement of temporary crowns. With the new procedure, a temporary crown is placed over the implant immediately after surgical insertion. 

After the X-rays are evaluated, the site is prepared for the procedure. Then an operation is performed where the implant is placed and a crown is placed over the implant.

The best thing about same-day dental implants is that you can keep your teeth functioning right away. Now you can eat and enjoy every second while eating your favorite food.