Marketing Through Cataline Sales Incentives

The sales concept was the predominant idea that governed marketing as more markets became buyers' markets. According to the sales concept, a company can't expect customers to automatically buy its products. 

Cataline sales incentives programs are a great way to encourage customers to buy your products. The company must promote its products to enhance sales.

Effective Sales Incentive Plans NCMA

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Organizations that rely on this model rely on aggressive advertising, personal selling at high power, large-scale sales promotion, and strong publicity and PR. 

It is crucial to plan sales territories to make sales incentive programs more effective. A sales territory is an area that contains customers and prospects.

Designing sales territories is, in essence, the division of the entire marketing area into several territories to serve the territory economically, profitably, and effectively. 

Two methods can be used to design sales territories. The equal workload method is one and the equal potential is the other.

The firm reaps many benefits from properly designing sales territories. This allows for better planning and control over marketing operations. The territory level is a better place to collect market data. 

Furthermore, if the territory is divided into several well-designed territories, it becomes easier to control marketing efforts and evaluate the performance of business firms.