Simple Tips in Choosing Your Microphone – Features to Note

Microphones are thought to be very useful apparatus. However, you should be aware that microphones are of distinct kinds. Microphones vary in technology along with the directionality they use. Due to these differences, you have to know what features of the microphone you need before deciding to make a purchase.

Some are less durable but many lower-end microphones are created exactly the same. If you are checking into a high-end model then you can expect some additional features and sound quality. A professional recording microphone is much better to spend a bit more money if it ensures increased quality and dependability.


There are a few things that you need to consider in deciding on a microphone. However, it's quite obvious that high impedance microphones are rather cheap. The significant disadvantage of high impedance microphones is that they don't work well in long-distance cables. Because of this, very low impedance microphones are preferred.

Frequency Response – When choosing a mic, you need to be certain that the frequency response of this mic is appropriate for your needs. Frequency response really refers to the way in which the microphone is reacting at different frequencies. Some frequencies could be exaggerated although some may be reduced. Thus, if you want authentic audio, you can look at purchasing a condenser mic.

Directionality – Since microphones differ in their directional patterns, you need to choose which one is appropriate. Remember a less directional mic is preferred if the microphone is used when it's near the audio position. Directionality determines the sensitivity of the mic to sound from other directions.

Some microphones are the ones that sound equally from all directions, although some are the ones that sound from one direction or from various directions. The diaphragm of a microphone cannot differentiate the difference between desired sound wave vibrations and other vibrations. Therefore, any vibration is going to be part of the audio signal generated.