Why Pilates Is A Powerful Tool In Physiotherapy In Sydney?

Pilates, an eighty-year-old exercise format, has over the last decade gained considerable scientific respect as an effective rehabilitation tool for back muscles weakened by back pain. Pilates is an exercise system founded by Josef Pilates in the 1930s.

It is rapidly gaining popularity with dancers, both modern and ballet, for its apparently remarkable ability to strengthen the body while making muscles lean and strong, rather than stacking up like other muscle-strengthening regimens. 

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At the time, one of the first research questions that physicians and related health care professionals sought was to find out what actually happens to the back muscles when back pain occurs.

From clinical practice, physical therapists know in advance that there is a muscle response to pain, but we want scientists to back up clinical results with scientific evidence. The answer came after years of research.

The next question was to examine whether there was a consistent specific and repeated pattern of muscle dysfunction in response to back pain.

The answer proves once again that what we find in clinical practice is correct: there are certain patterns of muscle dysfunction, but also, these patterns do not always correspond to the same diagnosis in different people, which means that each person individually should be examined clinically. 

However, the detection of very different patterns of muscle dysfunction has resulted in significant improvements in the assessment and treatment of dysfunction. This means that targeted muscle reduction can be taught to result in increased success in restoring muscles to their pre-back pain state.