Radiation Safety And Possible Health Effects

Radiation is a type of ionization radiation that can be very dangerous. However, X-ray radiation is considered the most dangerous of the devices. For this reason, it is important to practice X-ray radiation safety and to know the expected pathways of the incident rays. 

X-rays have a number of properties that make them dangerous. It's impossible for a person to feel X-rays radiation, so it's important to practice radiation safety. You can also look for the best practice of radiation safety at Medical Physics Specialists for your patients and staff.

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If you experience a tingling sensation while working with an X-ray machine, you should notify radiation protection authorities in advance.

There are three types of radiation safety measures that must be taken to control the dose or amount of radiation from a source. They include:

Reduce the exposure time as this will reduce the dose proportionately.

Increase the distance to reduce the dose. This can be done with tweezers to work at the source, not with your fingers.

Shielding can be used as safety for radiation exposure.

Possible health effects

X-rays can be dangerous and cause various health problems. Radiation exposure can be direct or indirect and the effect is usually due to the type of radiation. When a person is exposed to X-rays there are a number of changes that can occur in the body's cells. 

First, cells can be damaged or injured. Second, cells can die, and third, cells cannot recover properly, which can lead to biophysical changes.  

If you work in an environment where X-ray machines are used, it is important to practice X-ray safety because high exposure increases the risk of tumors, cancer, and genetic damage.