The Ultimate Guide To Buying Quality Pens

A quality pen makes a great gift for a loved one or for a coworker who is leaving or retiring. A person can say a lot about the person who is using it such as personal style and taste.

Type of Pen

The first thing to think about is what kind of pen you are going to buy, your options are: 

Fountain Pen – A  kanwrite fountain pen uses liquid ink with which to write and is great for users who have a liquid writing style. For more information regarding kanwrite fountain pen, you can visit

kanwrite fountain pen

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Ballpoint Pen – Ballpoint pens consist of a spinning ball, which uses gravity to spread ink over the page. The kanwrite ballpoint pen is ideal for everyday use and is ideal if carried around in the pocket as it has the least chance of leaking.

Rollerball Pen – Rollerball pen is a combination of a fountain and ballpoint pen. They use a rollerball but the ink flows just like a fountain pen.

Style of Pen

Many finishes of pens are available with different color schemes. The material from which the pen is made is also important because it has many uses such as wood, metal (some precious), and plastic. The type of material and coating will depend on the price you pay, and more expensive models are made of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.