Characteristics To Be Considered in Intermediaries

Whenever we consult a professional, we consider what qualities make this relationship work. We want a doctor with empathy and concern. We want a teacher with energy and enthusiasm. But what do we want from a mediator? 

Since mediators wear a series of "hats", this is not just one thing. A mediator is a multi-talented person and has various qualities such as sensitivity, insight, and commitment. You can now look for the finest divorce, land rights, animal rights and water rights mediator with all the qualities online. 

The Mediation Process and Dispute Resolution - PON - Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

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These attributes can form the basis of intermediary relationships with flexibility and customization. Sensitivity is an important quality for anyone assisting in work. But a mediator who has not one client but two and a family burden depending on their efforts must be sensitive to many points of view, programmes, feelings and emotions. 

When couples come to a divorce broker, they bring with them the events, messages, and feelings that have surfaced from time to time. Searching through all this "baggage" requires the insight to hire an intermediary to see the true picture of marriage beyond simple facts. 

Dedication is the last quality and it is of course the most important. The foundation of any therapeutic relationship is commitment. Commitment manifests in the energy and strength that the mediator brings to each session.