Why Do You Really Need Cross-Platform Data Sharing?

As companies face the challenges of slowing down mainframes, decreasing budgets, and strained storage capacity, MDI XPDS offers an alternative to slow analytics. This powerful interface moves mainframe data at high speeds to NFS storage for on-demand access.

You no longer have to wait for data requests. Welcome to the Luminex MDI Cross-Platform Data Sharing data exchange program, the only solution on the market today delivering mainframe data to NFS storage coupled with time-saving business intelligence and analytics back to the mainframe. If you are thinking of choosing one such solution for your organization, you must visit  https://luminexmdi.com/solutions/luminex-mdi-xpds/

Delivering a mainframe mouthful into MDI XPDS is simple. With XPDS, exchange data using common file access methods. Transfer data directly to NFS storage in seconds. Extract files from XPDS using industry-standard analyst tools. Empower your business today by choosing MDI XPDS.

When you process mainframe data on your Luminex servers, it's easy to get bogged down with slower-than-desired data transfers. MDI XPDS lets you easily direct mainframe data traffic across processors within a data center or to another location. That way, when off-host processors receive the data from your Linux hardware, they can go about parsing it in a more efficient manner. Luminex gives you the fastest cloud data sharing features with the easiest and safest software.