What is wrongful termination?

A wrongfully terminated employee is fired because of a violation of the company's policies when an employee is dismissed. You can also consult with the best Employment Law lawyer if you are facing issues at your workplace.

Examples Of Wrongful Termination & Checklist

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Experts estimate that around 250,000 workers are unlawfully or inexplicably fired (wrongful termination) every year. These numbers do not include those who were terminated for cause.

Who is eligible for a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit loan Legal Funding?

When you are an employee who was unfairly dismissed or laid off, and you have brought a claim with the assistance of an attorney, then you might be qualified for a lawsuit loan or lawsuit financing on the settlement you are negotiating with your attorney.

What is a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit? Financing is Different from Regular types of loans:

The wrongful termination litigation financing is a purely contingent arrangement that allows cash to be advanced only by the quality of the current litigation. In layman terms, they are referred to as lawsuit loans, however, in reality, they aren't loans since the funds do not require repayment back if the case is not won or resolved.

The lawsuit funding is as a secured, non-recourse loan because when the lawsuit is resolved if there is the conclusion of a decision in favor of the defendant, the lawsuit loan will be repaid. The plaintiff is exempt from having to pay the debts incurred by lawsuit loans. This is a non-recourse settlement loan that you repay only if you prevail or settle the case.