Selection Guidelines When Choosing 4×4 Shirt

Always, keep in mind that your 4×4 shirt can be outstanding in one area of life (sportswear, sleepwear, activewear). Here are some selection guidelines when choosing the best 4×4 shirts  :

Selection Guidelines When Choosing 4x4 Shirt

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4×4 shirt made from 100% standard cotton :

These shirts are great because of the variety of colors and sizes. These are perhaps some of the most durable shirts you can offer and some of the most commonly used ones.

This option allows you to get creative with your design, choosing a shirt in a rare color or offering a less conventional shirt size. 

Costumed shirt :

A fitted shirt is also listed as a fashionable 4×4 shirt. These shirts are often the right shape, have different cut sleeves (especially for women), and are often made of soft cotton that feels more comfortable against the skin.

Wicking 4×4 shirt :

Moisture-removing shirts are great for use. Moisture-removing shirts encourage activity by managing the moisture generated by sweat and making the situation more comfortable. It's like wearing a thick cotton 4×4 shirt that absorbs sweat. 

The big advantage of this 4×4 shirt is that it feels comfortable during sports and activities, so the runner can wear your logo on the chest when running a marathon (more ad time). Sports and activities.