The Corporate Travel Planner’s Guide To Choosing A Business Hotel

The right hotel services are very hard to find for business events. It is almost impossible to find time for those who drive all night or fly long hours to attend meetings. When choosing the perfect hotel for your business, the corporate travel planner must be at their best. You can also find the best hotel accommodation services at Marina Shores Hotel in Dana Point.

A new trend is emerging in the travel industry: big hotels and other accommodation companies are now catering to business travelers directly. Even if you are on a relaxing vacation, travel can drain you. Business travelers often travel across the globe, seeing many time zones and sometimes crossing borders.

standard king room

They must maintain a professional appearance and be ready to manage a large meeting in a matter of minutes. It is comforting to know that your hotel will not let you down when you have so much on your plate.

Business travel experts found that corporate travelers only need a few amenities when booking a room. Surprisingly, the business elite are not too different from us when it comes down to the amenity list.

Here's some advice for those who are responsible for planning the travel arrangements of your company.

Internet/WiFi- The internet is the only thing that keeps this old world moving. Internet service is a top priority, considering how many businesses want to go paperless and use 21st-century cloud technology.

Communication (Fax/Copies)- For any last-minute information transfers, basic communication tools such as a copier and fax machine are essential. Although it may sound old-fashioned, you'd be amazed at how many companies still depend on this technology. Access to these items is crucial.

Calm Atmosphere- Many of us have been in hotels where we could hear the footsteps of others in the stairwells. Nearby construction can also keep us awake. A peaceful setting can make long days seem shorter.

Devoted Meeting/Conference Room(s)- Sometimes, repurposing ballrooms or other rooms for meetings can backfire. Clients will be impressed to learn that you can relax in a space tailored especially for your needs.