Things to Consider Before Buying a Divider Screens

Privacy screens, also known as folding screens and room divider screens, are still very popular choices for home furnishing. It is easy to see why considering the variety of options available and the positive effect they can have on your living spaces.

There are some things to consider before you buy a new screen. Most screens that you will find online and in stores are made up of three panels. You can search more here online for different privacy-related products.

Each panel measures approximately 18" wide by 5". You can have the screen made to your exact specifications, which means that you can order as many panels or as large as you like.

 They are believed to have originated in China, where they were first used as room dividers. You should be able to see the size of these screens by their use in palaces. They were large and could be used to divide or decorate rooms. If you have large rooms or unusual shapes, you might be able to divide them up. If you have smaller rooms, placing a smaller screen in the corner can hide clutter.

No matter the size or number of panels in the screen, hinges are present on both sides of all panels except the end panel. Each panel is connected by bi-directional hinges. A bi-directional hinge, which can open in both directions, is similar to the kind you see on saloon doors.

These hinges are extremely important. Without them, your screen would only fold in one direction and would be difficult to fit into any space. Bi-directional hinges allow you to 'zigzag" your screen to make it stand up and allow for more use.

You will need to ensure that your screen is made from suitable materials if it is to be used in high-traffic areas. Although they look beautiful, the paper windows screen is very fragile. It is better to use solid wood or other sturdy material for a screen in a hallway.