Infant Formula Linked To Life-Threatening Condition For Premature Babies

Baby's who are premature may have difficulty feeding or require additional nutrition to deal with any of the many health issues that affect premature babies, such as low blood sugar levels, weight loss, dehydration jaundice, and others.

If you suspect your child suffered from necrotizing intestinal colitis (NEC) that has led to injuries or even death as a result of feeding cow-milk formula to them A lawyer can help you file an action. You can get information regarding the milk based formula lawsuit via

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In this extremely vulnerable period and frequently on the advice of a doctor the new parents might opt for formula feeding to boost the nutritional needs of their premature baby.

Formula feeding to infants and babies who are still premature should be considered a safe procedure and should not cause further risks or threats to these fragile and vulnerable infants.

NEC is a deadly digestive disorder that is characterized by intestinal inflammation or injury that can lead to intestinal necrosis, multisystem organ dysfunction, or even death. Shockingly, these products' labeling does not include any instructions, warnings, or guidelines regarding the potential risks associated with NEC for infants who are premature that could inform a doctor to caution against the products to use.

Your family could be entitled to compensation for medical costs and other losses resulting from your child's injuries, or tragic death. Contact an attorney representing babies immediately to get a free case assessment.