Information on Automatic Pool Enclosures

Pool covers are currently available in a variety of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic systems. Recent advances in pool cover technology include the fast and robust waterproof coating used to power automatic pool covers; “Touchpad Controls” which are standard on every system; and a maintenance-free drive system. 

All these innovations are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales service. The benefits of automatic swimming pool enclosures – including reduced maintenance costs, solar heating, energy savings, and elimination of evaporation – all result in savings that offset pool cover costs.

Sometimes referred to as “horizontal fencing,” this sophisticated pool enclosure system isolates water rather than a pool deck or backyard like traditional fencing. Supporting the weight of several adults, this pool cover system provides strong barrier protection as a pool safety device. It is possible to maintain the elegance of the center of the pool with innovative pathways and building designs.

The latest ones, when removed, disappear. All of these features are available without the distraction of water features, negative edges, raised walls, zero entrances, freeform designs, or other pool features.

An ordinary pool can be spectacular with a water feature that is very popular today. A built-in system is one where the motor is located under the pool deck or underground, completely hiding the drive mechanism. The walk-on enclosure covers the motor housing and provides easy service access.

Freeform gives the pool individuality and makes it aesthetic. However, this makes it difficult to install the automatic cover. Due to the innovative technology, the free form pool is not a constraint for the auto cap design.