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Some people work for a living because they make a living and have to work after work. Some people have careers they love and find it difficult not to take their jobs home when they return. And then there are the successful people in the diversity field. They have a passion for diversity analytics and live their jobs. Whether they take their work home or not, their jobs are always determined by the values they live by each day and their lives are determined by the values they promote in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion: The Journey to Value - Sustainable Business Consulting

When organizations started discussing diversity in the 1980s, many thought the answer was diversity education. They believe that if every employee takes training on diversity, bias, complaints, and litigation will disappear and everyone will work together in harmony forever. There are two types of people involved in diversity training, education and organizational development. Some see it as a program or trend. These people read a few books, take a course as a trainer, or buy them in the mail, and call themselves experts. 

The second group knew that this was a process, not a one-day program, and to make a change they had to experience it, study it, and continue to develop their passion for it. They recognize the need to incorporate diversity into the company's business strategy for the rest of their lives.