What to Look For When Buying Eco-Friendly Clothings

The clothes we wear, in other words, are not wearing well on planet Earth. But what can be done? We can’t boycott clothes. A worldwide nudist movement would make a great science-fiction scenario, but in the real world…not so much. Fashion is a force of both beauty and necessity and will continue. It’s how we go about clothing ourselves that must change.

Each and every one of us who buys garments, as well as those of us who produce clothing, has the ability to create a new, sustainable way of doing things. Every purchase you make matters. The more we support sustainably made clothing, the more sustainable the fashion industry becomes. If you want to buy sustainable clothing navigate to kanvessclothing.com/.

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Here are things to look for when buying eco-friendly garments:

  • Buy well

Look at the labels on the garments you are considering buying. Not all fabric is created equal. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon, which are basically oil in the form of clothing. Look for natural fibres such as organically produced hemp and linen, which grow with very little water and no petrochemical inputs. Bamboo-based fabrics likewise use little water, but tend to utilize chemicals in their production; bamboo linen is the most eco-friendly.

  • Buyer Beware

The greenwashing of the fashion industry is underway. Claims of eco-friendly garments should be scrutinized. Look at labels. Identify the fabrics. Reward the brands that are really walking the walk, and beware of those who are just utilizing sustainability as a marketing buzzword.

  • Buy Local

This is not always possible. Clothes are not made everywhere. But when possible, look for locally made garments, made with locally produced materials. This lowers the carbon footprint of whatever you wear, eliminating the transportation system’s chain of supply and all the energy consumption it entails.

These are the things you should look for when shop for sustainable clothings.