Some Benefits Of Refrigerated Air Dryer

As the name suggests, refrigerator dryers work similarly to household refrigerators in that they use a cooling method that prevents moisture. Because kitchen refrigerators cool and preserve perishable foods, air-cooled dryers maintain air quality for the industry.

Air dryers remove moisture after the compressed air process. You can also check for the refrigerated air dryer through various online sites.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

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Dry compressed air is a concept of how dry the compressed air is or should be, usually called the dew point. Air can be compressed; however, water cannot be compressed.

Why install an air dryer?

What will happen if moisture enters your engine? Moisture in wood causes decay, moisture in metal causes rust, and moisture in walls causes mold. About air compressors, moisture in your engine can damage the compressor, air motor, and valves, and may contaminate the product. All because there is no refrigerated air dryer installed.

Advantages of refrigeration dryer:

  • Low acquisition cost

  • High reliability, easy to use and maintain

  • Extend the life of your compressor

  • Energy saving

A compressor air dryer is the basic piece of equipment that ensures that your air compressor continues to perform at its best. If you have any further questions, please contact the Pneumatech team.

Cooling dryers cool the air and remove condensed moisture before passing it through the distribution system. They typically lower the air dew point to 35-40°F, which is sufficient for most applications. 

As long as the temperature in the system never drops below the dew point, no condensation occurs. This makes it a common solution in industrial compressed air systems.