Publishing Your First Book? Where to Find Book Cover Ideas

So you've written your book. And it's a real corker. You just know it will become a bestseller. In fact, you're so sure of it that you've decided to self-publish it so that you get to keep most of the revenue yourself. In fact, there's only one thing standing in your way.

Where do you find a book cover ideas?

Yup, that bane of every writer out there — the book cover. Unless you're a graphic artist by trade or inclination, you're going to find yourself stumped at some point in the book cover design process. You can also get information about professional book layout design from various online sources.

Yet, you know that if you could just find the right inspiration you could create a cover that would help you sell your book. That would turn your baby into a bestseller's dream.

That's what this article is all about. In this article, I'm going to suggest seven places you can find inspiration in the form of book cover ideas. booksellers

Look for the ones that show the covers of bestsellers on the front page. Keep track of those that attract you. Keep track of what attracts you about them.

2. Local bookstores — especially the superstores

Local bookstores have major displays. And the superstores often have major displays at each section. So why do some books stand out? How can you use those techniques?

3. Google images

Do an image search on books or book covers. Or better still on your topic and books. You'll find a long list of pictures that you can use as inspiration.

4. Publisher's catalogs.

Every few months publishers print a list of the publications they sell. Usually, their new books and major sellers have the cover printed in the listing. Their book covers are all professionally designed. So they're a great source of ideas.

5. Design books

Graphic artists are like any other artistic business group. They like to celebrate their wins. In their case, they do it by releasing "Best of" books. They also publish "how to design" books. Both of these are great sources of ideas.