Prepare For Estate Sales

Don't throw anything away!! It's not until a company visits you and tells you it's worth little or nothing. Old sheets, towels, pots and pans have potential buyers.

First and foremost, review all documents and remove anything that would reveal personal or financial information. You can find the best real estate sales online.

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Many people will pass by your house or the property you are the contractor for. Social security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers, and bank accounts can be easily copied and used.

Second, check clothes pockets and other places you suspect valuable items may be stored. A reputable company will do this for you and provide you with any valuables found. However, caution is advised.

If you have jewelry, coins, and other collectibles, it's always a good idea to check each piece of jewelry to identify gold or silver. Forward these items to the company you choose to sell.

Most established real estate sales firms have high-end clients who buy gold and silver at much higher prices than local gold and silver buyers in the commercial market.

Gold and silver need to be weighed and graded not only for their gold or silver content but also for their design.

The sterling silver tableware must first be weighed, then the current model and value must be identified. There are many dealers who will buy fine silver tableware.

Jewelry, a good real estate company, values costume jewelry based on design, appeal and of course the maker's brand on the back. Remember, just because it's old doesn't mean it's worth it.

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