Picking An International School In Netherlands

A major cause of concern for families who travel abroad providing education for their children. Many concerns that schools in the destination country may not be able to offer the same level of education that was already available in the country of citizenship.

These schools usually follow the program of their chosen model and teach in their native language. An Amity international school in Amsterdam follow the International Baccalaureate is accepted as an entry for universities worldwide.

international schools

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International schools tend to be located in major cities in the world, although some are in the green areas and these tend to allow boarding as an option to a long journey from home to the school. Most excellent international schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that expand the education of your child, as well as provide new interests and hobbies.

And the option of the international school, it may also be possible to enroll your child in a local bilingual school. The advantage of this would be that your child quickly develops new language skills and would blend better into the local community.

A disadvantage would be, however, that the bilingual school would most likely follow a system different than your child is used to and there may be problems in schools to reintegrate at home or universities. An international school is a safer choice, although these tend to be more expensive than the bilingual schools.