Low Level Laser Light Therapy In The Treatment Of Hair Loss

Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) is the internationally recognized name for biostimulation with a low-energy laser to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Traditionally, LLLT belongs to the field of physical medicine, which uses stimulation therapy to activate the body's natural defense mechanisms.

When LLLT becomes the stimulus, the method of treatment is known as PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION.

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LLLT is indicated in sports medicine, physical / manual medicine, dermatology, and neuroendocrine disorders in humans and animals.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of LLLT, as well as their effect on collagen formation, are good indicators of LLLT in trauma, surgery and dentistry, especially after major surgery.

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The word laser is actually an acronym, meaning it amplifies light through stimulated radiation. The laser produces very pure light, that is.

The light emitted is highly organized in the flow (it is helpful to think of the laser as a single scotch malt and not as a "combination" of different wavelengths of light).

Lasers can be light of any wavelength, visible or invisible, high or low energy.

In 1917 Albert Einstein presented his basic theory of stimulated electromagnetic radiation. This theory was tested by Landberg in 1928, but at that time there was no practical way to make a functional laser.

In 1951, the Russian physicist manufacturer filed a patent application and published an article on lasers in 1959.