Learn More About Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African art avoids extensive descriptions. Artists have used a variety of media, from oil to screen printing and techniques ranging from metal casting to ancient wax processing to metal can welding.

Traditionalists such as the Lamidi Fakeye create sculptures and carvings based on ancient Afro-American motifs. Larger groups work within modern trends of Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism, but some seek a very personal style. 

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contemporary african art gallery

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Many African American artists are trained in American and European universities. Others believe that they can only find true African proverbs in their homeland. In fact, in a number of different countries, traditional arts are almost extinct.

Therefore, contemporary art is classified as African art based solely on the nationality of the painter, rather than relying on a particular style, theme, function or moderation. Harmon, started a non-profit foundation that operated from 1922 to 1967, helped raise awareness of African-American art.

Although its first projects included funding parks and playgrounds as well as providing student loans, the solid basic structure proved to support a variety of activities, such as works of art. Basic interest in contemporary African art is booming.

Although art was not chosen as the focus, the films show a civilization that revolves around folk crafts. Houses, furniture, cooking utensils and clothes are handcrafted from local products. Art in a broad sense is an integral part of African American life.