Know More About Pakistani Designers

Although Pakistan is known for its textile industry, designers from the country have also shown their prowess in the fashion industry. A variety of Pakistani designers are coming up with new ideas and making their presence felt internationally. With more Pakistani women venturing out into the fashion world, the designers are making a name for themselves. These granite designers have created their own niche and have made a name for themselves.

Haider Bagus is one of the latest urban designers. This designer started his career when he was still a student in college. Later, he joined the renowned fashion line called the Armani Group in Italy. After two years, he shifted over to Pakistan where he has made a name for himself. Haider's designs are mainly comprised of traditional, ethnic wear inspired by the Balinese andutch. The urban wear is characterized by bright colors and unique cuts which are in sync with the new trends.

Aasia Bhasan is another urban fashion designer who hails from Lahore. She has made her name as an urban fashion muse because of her eye-catching outfits. Her outfits are made from elegant fabrics and adorned with embroidery to give them a unique look. This designer specializes in ethnic wear and believes that each culture has a specific style. Her clothing is inspired by Balinese andutch designs and are available at different price ranges. Her collection of footwear is especially designed to cater to the needs of the urban generation.

Most of the urban designers are from the educated classes. These designers are from either middle class or from lower classes. They use sophisticated style and intricate details while designing their clothes. Their working environment is mostly done indoors. Working with full professionalism and dedication these designers are able to produce amazing clothes which are liked by people of all ages. Most of these designers have gained immense fame and recognition not only because of the excellent designs they create but also because of their willingness to serve their customers with high quality products.

In recent times many young people have started to follow this line of work. These designers have been able to establish their own fashion brands. These brands are very popular amongst the masses. They provide stylish clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, swimwear, lingerie, jewelry, perfume and much more. These brands are able to attract the attention of women from all walks of life.

These designers are also very innovative. They keep on innovating and making new concepts and ideas. They are very creative and come up with ideas that can be used by ordinary people. They keep on challenging themselves to come up with new designs that can enhance the appeal of urban clothing. They use innovative materials, modern styles, colors, textures and designs in order to make their items unique and appealing. If you wish to have a glimpse of the amazing designs and trends of Pakistani urban clothing, then you must visit some of the websites dedicated to these items.