Information on TV Mounting

Most commercial plasmas do not include a desk mount, in which case you will need to purchase a desk stand and some furniture to place the plasma or LCD. Home Theater Entertainment Centers Due to the high demand in the flat-screen TV market, most entertainment centers now have an additional back panel for mounting a plasma or LCD TV. 

Keep in mind that if you mount your plasma on the wall, you will need a place to store your AV equipment and if you don't have a storage cabinet nearby, you may need to use audio video furniture. There are many tv mounting ideas are available on the internet.

If you hide your audio device, make sure you have a way to send commands to the device remotely. You can achieve this with the help of a radio remote control or with the help of an extension set.

Washroom, kitchen, gym, living room

The most common installations for kitchen applications are those that attach to the bottom of the cabinet. Installing under a cabinet saves a lot of space because you can flip the TV over and remove it when not in use.

Workout or Living Room The exercise or daytime area is a great place for an LCD or plasma TV and we recommend a slanted wall mount or a folding stand. 

Commercial Apps

One of the most common commercial applications is ceiling mounts, which can be lowered to the correct viewing height with an extension column. Buying a ceiling mount requires several considerations based on the space, the slope of the stand, and the beams you are connecting to.