Importance of Pre- Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing In US

Today, you cannot afford to trust any new employee. It is a world of global commerce, and a company's reputation is just as important as its performance.

That is why vital services like drug & alcohol testing services have become mandatory before hiring anyone.

These policies ensure that your company doesn't house someone with a shady past. Even if the person has a history of drug abuse and alcoholism, he or she should be candid about it and provide the necessary proof of proper treatment.

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Rehabilitated individuals must abide by some strict parameters during employment. That is why drug and alcohol testing is perfectly legal and sometimes mandatory before employment.

Many companies do not screen individuals before hiring them purely out of negligence. Some new employers tend to ignore such cautions because they feel it's a breach of privacy.

Neither is negligence safe nor is drug and alcohol testing illegal or a breach of privacy. Just as the employee has every right to research and know more about their employer, a company also reserves full right to verify whether the individual who is going to be a part of the team is prone to sociological problems.

Most people who have had problems with substance abuse or alcoholism and have recovered from such darker times have certificates to prove that they are cured.

Most of these individuals suffer from such problems because of environmental and childhood atmosphere problems. That is why your company must ensure drug & alcohol testing before employing someone.