How Do I Clear A Blocked Stormwater Drain?

If you live in an area that experiences heavy rain or flooding, you may have experienced the frustrating experience of trying to clear a blocked stormwater drain. There are several methods you can use to clear a blocked drain, and each one is based on the specific circumstances of your drainage system.

The most common way to clear a blocked stormwater drain is to use a plunger. You can get more information about Blocked stormwater drains services.

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You will need to place the plunger over the drain opening and push and pull the plunger until the obstruction is dislodged. 

Make sure not to put too much pressure on the plunger, as this could cause damage to the drain.

If your drainage system is connected to a municipal sewer system, you will also need to contact your local municipality. They will be able to help you clear the blockage using their equipment.

If clearing a blockage by hand isn't possible, you may need to call a professional drainage contractor. They will be able to use specialized equipment and techniques to unblock your drain. 

Stormwater drainage is an important part of maintaining the health and safety of our community. However, if your stormwater drains are blocked, they can cause flooding in your home or business.