Get Rapid And Efficient Shockwave Therapy Treatment In Edmonton

Shockwave therapy is a safe non-invasive method of treating damaged soft tissues, particularly plantar fascia and tendon when an injury is in the point of being chronically non-healing. An alternative that is safe to surgery or steroid injections and other injections for treatment.

The use of shockwave therapy in Edmonton has been scientifically proven to trigger metabolic reactions. It initiates the healing process through triggering an acute stage of healing. 

It also stimulates the enzymes that are involved in reducing the pain. This results in an extremely high success rate in the treatment of these challenging to manage, and often severe and painful injuries.

The use of shock waves also known by the name of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a proven efficient treatment for plantar fasciitis as well as the majority of tendon disorders, including Achilles and patellar, hamstring, tendinopathies of the gluteal region and tennis elbow.

How can shockwave therapy work for you?

The treatment targets the injured tissue using specially designed shockwaves that cause tiny cavitation bubbles inside the tissue, which explode and boost the flow of blood stem cell activity, as well as reduction of pain-causing enzymes present in the affected area. The use of shockwaves can provide relief from pain after treatment and also stimulates long-term tissue normalisation and growth.

  • Patients receiving shockwave therapy could anticipate:
  • The reduction of pain experienced by nerve fibers
  • Increased the circulation of blood in soft tissues.
  • The stimulation of healing processes is triggered by the activation of stem cells.

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