Four Tips for Small Bathroom Design

It is true that it is simpler to make a big bathroom more attractive however there are things you can do to remodel your bathroom, even the space limitations are an issue. 

Keep reading and discover how you can transform your bathroom from a small space into a masterpiece of design. You can also visit this website to hire a bathroom renovation contractor.

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Floor Tiles:

Large tiles can make a bathroom, which is already tiny, feel more cramped. To counter this, it is necessary to utilize smaller tiles. This will create the illusion of more space while keeping the primary motive or purpose behind the use of tiles.


The bright colors create the illusion of space, hence making use of light shades in the bathroom that is small. Additionally, use lighter shades on the ceilings, to create the illusion.

It is not necessary to purchase a new paint color since you can just conserve some leftover wall paint, and apply some white to create it appear lighter. 


Doors that are conventional take up too much space, and require an enormous space to be able to swing. They may also require a hinge for opening and closing the doors to move through the bathroom. You could consider installing the sliding door or pocket doors. 

Pedestal Sink:

They are an excellent method to make space bathrooms that are small, the slim design leaves room beneath for shelves, a trash bin, or another object you might need. 

The design of the fixture also gives an illusion of spaciousness because they’re slim and tall. To save money you can try purchasing the fixture from a used retailer.