Four Tips For Extending The Life Of Lithium-Based Batteries

Lithium batteries are advancing rapidly, and they provide longer use times than nickel and lead-based batteries. Their use has been adopted as the standard for most of the spy cameras, and other electronics on the market today. Here are six tips to extend the life of your lithium-ion based electronic device.

Here are the four things you can do to increase the life of your lithium-based battery.

1. Avoid constant full discharges: Li batteries prefer partial discharge, over a full discharge. You should not frequently fully discharge the batteries; rather charge the battery more often, if possible, daily to ensure a long life. You can also buy lithium batteries from high-end lithium battery manufacturer.

2. Recalibrate: We suggest a full discharge every 30 charges for batteries with fuel gauges, like laptops and mobile phones to recalibrate the battery. Just let it run until it stops, then recharge.

3. Keep it cool: The life of the battery depends on the temperature and the state of charge. High temperatures and high charge levels will lead to a short life. Try to keep the temperature down and the ideal storage place is inside the refrigerator at 40% capacity.

4. Avoid buying spares: Unlike wine and cheese, Li batteries do not improve with age. Avoid the temptation to buy spares, unless you use them frequently. Check the manufacture date, and never buy an old battery, even if on sale.

The bottom line, be gentle with your lithium-ion batteries. If you excessively charge the battery, with high voltages, and heavy load conditions, it will shorten your battery's life. It's best to charge at a slower rate.