Find The Right Divorce Lawyer For Your Child Custody Case

We've all heard the oft-cited statistic that 50 percent of marriages in America are divorced. Although most experts agree with this figure, some factors dramatically influence it, both positively and negatively.

For example, the divorce rate for first marriages is only 41 percent, but it is a far less promising 73 percent for third marriages. We also know that the percentage drops sharply depending on the age of the couple.

For the most part, divorce is a fairly straightforward legal process, unless kids are involved. Parents are usually reluctant to break into family units. Couples with children have a much lower level of separation at around 33 percent compared to 66 percent for childless couples. For legal divorce you can hire the best family divorce lawyer.

Find The Right Divorce Lawyer For Your Child Custody Case

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The process is also much more complicated, costly, and emotionally traumatic when the children are involved, as many parents hire divorce lawyers and seek custody. If one or both parties seek custody, hearings will be held to determine the regime that best serves the best interests of the minor or the child. These court hearings are often very emotional and it is best to hire an experienced attorney to represent you in court.

Most parents will transfer heaven and earth for their children, but divorce lawyers cannot be paid passionately. Most seekers are upfront before they even start working on your case. They do this because custody cases often take a long time to resolve.

An experienced lawyer also understands that free family court representation is not a desirable option for most parents. These mothers and fathers were eager to have custody of their children and were willing to pay for their talents.