Different Types of Home Inspections

There are several different types of home inspections and there are many different inspection companies that can perform them. Some of these include: 

1. Home Performance Inspection (HPI) – This type of home inspection service is performed by a contractor who specializes in inspecting homes to determine the condition of their systems, structure and mechanical systems.

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2. Structural Inspection – These inspections are conducted by a structural engineer who works closely with the general contractor to determine the overall condition of the structure as well as identify any structural defects or deficiencies. 

3. Radon Testing – Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is released from the soil as a result of uranium being present in the surrounding soil. Radon testing your home can help detect possible areas of high radon levels and notify you about potential health risks that may arise. 

4. Wiring Inspections – Apartments, single family homes and multi-family dwellings often contain older electrical wiring that isn’t up to code or safe for usage . Do-It-Yourself Inspections – If you are comfortable with the idea of inspecting your home yourself, then a do-it-yourself inspection is right for you. This type of inspection requires only that you know how to use basic hand tools like screwdrivers and tape measures. 

5. Roof Inspection – A roof inspection will check for cracks and leaks in your roof, as well as inspect the thickness of your shingles to ensure they are installed properly on your house or apartment’s roof. 

A home inspection is a way for a homeowner to get an expert’s opinion on the state of their home. A professional home inspector will walk through all aspects of the property, from the roof to the basement, and provide a detailed report with suggestions for fixing any problems they find.

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