Chatbots To Satisfy Your Customers

Potential candidates like to know more about the company for which they could work one day and it is important that an employer has a means of taking charge of this request.

The installation of a chatbot on the recruitment page of your website is a simple and economical way to dialogue with talented people in the hope of landing a job for your organization. If you are in the real estate business then you can also use chatbots for real estate agents via

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Here are some of the great reasons to place one on your own career site.

It promotes human interaction

Candidates will often have very specific questions about your advertising vacancy. In fact, a given applicant request may be so obscure or specific that it would not be logical that the response is included in the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ).

This is where chatbots can help. Most of the time, you can have human monitoring from the live discussion service, in a condition of a question to appear. 

It's discreet

A chatbot is not intrusive – he is sitting at the bottom of the page until the user is ready to engage. 

Of course, a candidate may not need to use it at all, but they are nevertheless likely to be reassured by his presence.

It comes with an intuitive design

More and more candidates are looking for work via mobile devices. It is therefore essential that your career site is compatible with them.

They are automatically optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to respond to larger demography with minimal effort or expense.